Rythmia Life

Consulting / Design / Web Development / E-Commerce

Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to work with an amazing resort out of Costa Rica: Rythmia Life Advancement Center.

MindFactory developed a comprehensive online subscription-based platform, utilizing WordPress/Bootstrap3
coding, video streaming technologies, and e-commerce functionalities.

The website’s purpose is an “after-care” system which will enable guests of Rythmia to have continued access to various programs such as “My Yoga”, “My Meditation”, “My Music”, special programs, weekly webinars, a community discussion
forum, order page for products, as well as an option to re-book their vacation.Through extensive research, we found that a custom WordPress content management system was the ideal option for the initial design process,
as well as continued maintenance. This option allowed for a clean,
streamlined design, in accordance with the main brand site.

Our development team utilized technologies/plugins such as WooCommerce subscriptions, WooTheme memberships, bbPress, and built a custom aggregator for the display on daily-uploaded video content embedded from Vimeo. We also created an automated system of registration through a custom API through Infusionsoft implemented with Rythmia’s own IT software.

Upon completion of the development for Rythmia.Life, our creative director, Carlos Grijalva traveled down to Costa Rica to train on-site personnel how to shoot, edit and manage content.


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4 May, 2017

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